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: In episode 10, the prize was that the winning designer's garment would be produced and sold on Piperlime.

Born in Grantsville, Utah Territory, Clark was a prominent attorney in the Department of State, and Undersecretary of State for U. Clark received a bachelor's degree from the University of Utah, where he was valedictorian and student-body president.Original Airdate: July 28, 2011 As the season begins and the designers arrive in New York, they are informed that they are not yet part of season 9.For the final stage of their casting session, the 20 designers must go in front of Heidi, Michael, Nina and Tim to make a case as to why they deserve one of the 16 coveted spots this season.At the time, it was a four-hour trip by buggy and train from Grantsville to Salt Lake City.The LDS Church members who settled the area were industrious and community-oriented.

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