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Moynihan pressed Lehrer in a series of squirm-inducing phone calls.This Has Been an Unauthorized Cybernetic Announcement Start with an archetypal story: a single brave hacker with phenomenal technical chops liberates the suppressed information, and with it society as a whole.

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Here, there are no fundraising dinners that may or may not correspond to political influence, no unethical behavior that would need witness testimony to corroborate, no fog of war. Second, and far more improbable than the mega-hack itself, all the data are delivered by the worm program in plain, polemical English, linked to the outrage in question (the protagonist’s program has also infiltrated all publishing tools): a corporate report comes with documentation of fraud, canned food is labeled with all the dangers to health it contains, a cosmetic product is accompanied by its known carcinogens and a history of legal cover-ups.

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Steve Jobs Gets Fired (1985) John Sculley, then Apple’s CEO, was tasked with boosting sales of the Apple II.

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