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The 2CV City 2CV & Dyane Fully Galvanised Chassis The 2CV City fully galvanised chassis (disc or drum brake version) with top plate.

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Furnished or unfurnished as ample storage available if required. Cattle panels from plus GST Heavy duty sliding gates 0 plus GST (98kg) Heavy duty Loading ramp 3600mm long adjustable hardwood floor 00 plus GST Yard Gates from 0 plus GST And much more We do everything you need for a full set of cattle yards. If you need more information call Us on 1300 22 14 Complete d-jetro setup for32/33 gtr. 20' secondhand, verminproof, watertight, shipping containers for sale, EX BRISBANE, ideal for general storage, add a whirlybird for ventilation if closed for a long period of time. PRICES CAN VARY DAILY - PLEASE CHECK WHEN YOU INQUIRE. We also have 40' watertight shipping containers, newbuild, secondhand, can be used for storage or modified with an ext Email us your location and we will send you a written quote delivered to your door. # Bluescope / Colorbond steel with the choice of 22 colours. # Fully bolted portal frame using C150's and 64 & 96 purlins and girts. 1971 Citroen 2 CV6 French Elegance and Style Price:,000..dollars... Specification: Registered as a Citroen 2CV6 Special. Unquestionably the best selling chassis in the UK and comes with top plate and fitting kit included. 1971 Citroen 2 CV6 = Restored Grey(~)Black 39k miles k Lh D Located in the USA... 1987 Citroen 2CV6 RHD Pickup Something a little different and fun.

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