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Our World Center is located in Jerusalem, directly opposite the Western Wall.

Our goal is to re-ignite Jewish pride by teaching Jews about their heritage and its contribution to humanity.

Deeyon allows users to both watch live webcam debates and participate in video debates surrounding a number of topics.

CEO and Founder Joe Kalfatells No Camels about founding Deyoon in February: “I just figured that there had to be a better way for people to discuss and engage around issues, beyond a 140 character tweet or comments on You Tube and Facebook.” “On Deeyoon, we can debate anything: Politics, Sports, UFOs, Chocolate vs. Once users create an account using their Facebook login, they are taken to a Deeyon web dashboard which has three pages, “Trending Debates,” “Live Debates,” and “Available Debates.” There is also fourth option, to create your own debate.

Face-to-face arguments are of a whole different nature, particularly because looking at a person and having that gaze reflected often encourages a more self-awareness.

New Israeli startup Deeyon (Hebrew word for debate) has created a platform for online video debating that takes the concept of face-to-face debate to the internet.

In addition, users can find interesting debates to watch or participate in by clicking the “Rooms” and selecting from a number of broad topics including, “Gender and Sexuality,” “Religion,” or “Economy.”Keeping it civil All debates on the website are auto-moderated.

The debates are short, and can have pre-set times of one, two, three, five or 10 minutes.

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