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Office 365 is the main E-mail system provided specifically to the UBT students.

It provides Email services, file sharing, sky drive cloud storage with capacity of xxxx GB, online conferencing, public website and Office web application.

Through the e-Citizen web portal the public has online access to a number of public services offered by various Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, within one channel.

It is the main communication link between the instructor and the students.The 1 January 2015 changes to the EU place of supply rules on electronic, broadcast and telecoms services require EU providers of these services across borders to change to the VAT rate of their customer’s country of residence.Previously, the provider used the VAT rate of their country of residence.They can also assess the student using quizzes and assignments and other tools. It is integrated with Moodle, so both instructors and students use the Turnitin Tool when they login to Moodle.Instructors can use Turnitin to detect plagiarized papers and view the similarities percentage to outside content in the web or other published resources.

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