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Many fans of those movies remember Hamilton’s ripped physique in Terminator 2, and as a result, Headeytook some flak from critics for being too thin when Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premiered. AE: Did you feel likeyou suddenly had to work out way more? I just thought, here’s a woman who has got a really difficultsituation for lots of reasons. What I love about it is — which I’ve yet to explore, which Ihope I’m going to get to — is all the layers of her insanity, which I think shehas. it’s her in control and her being ontop of everything, and I think what would be really cool is to see thecrumbling underneath. I mean, I love all the action stuff, it’sfun for me, but like Josh [Friedman] said … I loved it, and I’m at the moment writingthe feature for it, and I hope to get it financed by next spring.

At a press conference in July,executive producer Josh Friedman joked, “Anyone that thought she wasn’tphysically ready to do the role hadn’t been hit by her on the set like I had,and I just hope that all those doubters have the opportunity in thefuture.”Headey quipped, “I have gigantic biceps thisseason.”After the press conference, I met up with Headey at the Foxnetwork party on Santa Monica Pier, where we huddled together in a photo boothin an effort to talk over the blaring music. AE: Is there anythingin particular that you want to do with this character? he was like, “I don’t want toalways see you with a shotgun in your hand.” And I was like, “Iknow.”And I just want to explore her.

And she is so funny and so smart, such a good person, a good friend and a good mother, I think everyone on that set and anyone who comes in contact with her develops an instant crush.

It’s a rare thing when a small British independent film gets picked by not one but two major studios (Fox Searchlight in the U. After Ellen.com: How did you get involved in making ? I met Ol [Parker, the director/writer] and did the worst audition ever!

Lena's jacket is quite old mind, but luckily for us all, IRO have updated it meaning it's available to snap up once again. We do love the Zara and Karen Millen picks, but if you want one verging more on the orange shade of red then head to the fab pick at River Island.

These pictures of Lena Headey and her co-star Pedro Pascal will no doubt be sending Game of Thrones fans into a frenzy, but for us it's all about the fashion.

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I hadn’t felt that way about a project in a long time. LH: I read the scene where they’re on the hill and a couple others. ”AE: So did you find out that you both got the part on is a first in its genre in that the girl gets the girl, no one dies or turns straight again, and the characters in the film are much more realistic than those you normally see in a romantic comedy. I walked out thinking — f— I did that really well in my bedroom this morning and this was really bad! LH: Yeah, I think what strengthens it is that Piper doesn’t sort of go, “Now I’m a big lesbian! And I like that Luce is steady and makes no excuse for who she is, “that’s who I am” kind of thing. When I was doing press in America I was asked if I thought Luce was repressed [pulls a silly face]! When he called and said do you want to come and do it I was like yeah! But she had her first lesbianish role as Sally Setonin Mrs.Dalloway (1997), where shekissed Natasha Mc Elhone. AE: I think thatyou’ve really made the role your own.

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