Updating airport express firmware

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How do I go about upgrading this (either in Windows or Mac, I've got both).

Air Port Extreme and Time Capsule Firmware Update is for Air Port Extreme and Air Port Time Capsule base stations with 802.11ac.

If you're using , you can disable this security feature and allow your Mac to load Option ROM firmware automatically.

Today Apple has released firmware updates for its Wi-Fi base stations.

"The hard drive i Pod people were gone for a long time, when we issued the last update for the i Pod classic firmware," we were told by our contacts within Apple.

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23rd) For detailed information on Air Port base station firmware updates, including instructions how to install the update, please visit: Air Port Base Station Firmware Update 7.6.8 Firmware update 7.6.8 is recommended for all Apple 802.11n Wi-Fi base stations including Air Port Express, Air Port Extreme and Air Port Time Capsule.

"[Apple] supported that for a very long time, even after we built our own, re-organized the division, and some of the guys we brought on to advance the platform were twice-removed." The internal departmental changes suggest that Apple has no plans to update its existing lineup of routers, including the Air Port Extreme, Time Capsule, and Air Port Express, but do not discount the possibility of the functionality being added to a different product.

Apple's Air Port Express network extender and Air Play audio target has not even been updated to the 802.11ac Wi-Fi specification.

I may be missing something painfully obvious, but how do I upgrade the firmware on an Airport Express?

When I visit the firmware page, I don't see a download link, but when I follow the attached instructions, the only firmware options I see in the Airport Utility are ones that I have downloaded locally.

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