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Assuming your data is in the range B1: B12, Lets say you need to calculate the average of last 3 months at any point of time. That means when you enter the value for the next month, the average should be automatically adjusted. Even though a gauge chart is not listed in the default chart types, you can still create one based on the pie chart type.For example, say you enter Widgets Completed in cell A1 and 200 in B1; then, you enter Widgets In Progress in A2 and 100 in B2.We need to do some calculations to produce data for the area chart series (see below).

It is fairly common in several businesses to use moving average of 3 month sales to understand how the trend is. If you need help getting started with the XY Chart Labeler, download this instructions document.You may need to right-click on the hyperlink and choose Save Target As from the shortcut menu to download this PDF document.The shading may help to indicate a target range for the data.I’ve written earlier tutorials about this topic, but I have had to change sequences of steps in the protocol because more recent versions of Excel were not as flexible with order of operations as Excel 2003 (RIP).

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