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(Clicking the run button will launch the sire in Internet Explorer) "NBGit is a module for the Net Beans IDE that adds support for working with the Git version control system.It uses the JGit library created as part of EGit to interact with Git repositories.Because the module is Java code all the way, it should work better cross-platform modulo platform specific differences, such as file system behavior.It is based on the Net Beans Mercurial module." ( Unfortunately, the key word in that quote is should.Let us also remember that the HTML 5 specification brought many advantages for developers – to name a few examples: cleaner code thanks to many new elements), built-in video and audio playback capabilities (which replaces the need for Flash), cross-compatibility with major browsers, and optimization for mobile devices.Although we will initially test our applications on our local development machine, we will eventually move our web site to a LAMP server and turn it into a dynamic tool.The key features of Net Beans IDE 8.2 are as follows: Below, you see ECMAScript 6 support enabling the usage of ECMAScript 6 module syntax: There are several other features in addition to the above. First install Oracle Java via PPA, or install Open JDK using Ubuntu Software. Download the Net Beans bundles from the link below: Net Beans Download Page 3.

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This because for some reason, the 'Do you want to create a project' option fails to show any of the files once you open it if you try to check out the plugin on its own (Net Beans 6.7.1 on a Mac).

Android programming is becoming more and more popular nowadays, there are billions of Android devices, which is of course a huge market for developers.

If you want to get started developing for Android devices, setting up an Android Development Environment like Netbeans is the way to start!

Along the way we will make use of j Query (a well-known cross-platform Javascript library that greatly simplifies client-side scripting), and of Bootstrap (the popular HTML, CSS, and Java Script framework for developing responsive websites).

You will see in coming articles how easy it is to set up a mobile-friendly application using these HTML 5 tools.

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