Validating zip code

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This is true even in cases where the leading zero is dropped (in cell A3), and even in cases where the 4 digit extension is incorrectly entered (in cell A4): This is a common situation where the zip code exists but is not valid for the input address.In this case the input city and state can be checked against returned city and state data from CDXZip Stream.Next, head over the Validation tab and select Reg Ex in the Answer Format dropdown menu.In the Common Patterns dropdown menu that appears after selecting Regex, select US Zip Code 5 or 9 digit (w/ dash). You can also enter a street address and ZIP Code to get a standardized version of the address.If the zip code or postal code is correct, why am I seeing that it failed validation as an incorrect zip code?If either check has failed, it’s because the bank is telling us that the information the cardholder has provided does not match what they have on file.While some banks decline payments that fail these checks, others do not.

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When the international postal code format, which is used by setting the locale, does not fit your needs, then you can also manually set a format by calling ). You should also be aware that postcode values are always be validated in a strict way.Continuing with my series of Java Script regular expression today we will see how easy it is to validate zip code using regular expression in Java Script.Previously we talked about validating email and Social Security number using JS regex.Included here are examples of how CDXZip Stream answers the question: Are your zip codes real?First, we recommend that when obtaining zip code data from CDXZip Stream that you request the zip code value be returned as well - this will provide confirmation of how CDXZip Stream is interpreting the original zip code input, as shown below: The result from the data request above is: (Note - the data returned from CDXZip Stream are highlighted in yellow in columns B through G.

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