What is radiometric dating yahoo

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These are: In each of these cases it is not possible to prove that the assumptions are true.

For example flooding can greatly alter sedimentation rates, and with clocks over 5,000 years old, the original conditions cannot be known with certainty.

But we can probably be grateful that it did: a 52-foot (16-metre) version of the White Shark with jaws large enough to engulf a rhino would almost certainly make recreational swimming or pleasure boating a LOT less enjoyable.He read his first science book at the age of 10, and was enthralled by what he learned, carefully performing the experiments the book suggested.He attended high school at Nelson College, in the small town of Nelson, where his boarding fees were funded by a scholarship.Furthermore, the mineral deposits mentioned bear no resemblance to those in this area.In short, the geography and descriptions don't match.

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