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The murder of Sophie Lancaster occurred in the United Kingdom in 2007.The victim, along with her boyfriend, Robert Maltby, were attacked by a number of males in their mid-teens while walking through Stubbylee Park in Bacup, Rossendale, in Lancashire.Two of them were convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.The other three were convicted and jailed for grievous bodily harm.there is rumours of riots going on today after a black girl got raped by 15 asian men in Perry Bar and there are hundreds of people in the streets protesting.there are pure police but i am not too sure what is going on at the moment?

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This was a result of the prominence of the area in the cloth trade.Sophie Lancaster (born 26 November 1986) was a former pupil at Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School, Haslingden High School and a gap year student planning to attend Accrington and Rossendale College to do an English degree.She had been dating Maltby, a 21-year-old art student at Manchester, for three years, and they both had a long-standing attachment to the goth subculture.Two shopping centres have been built in the area; in the 1960s, and then in 2003; the latter is styled as one word, Bullring.The site is located on the edge of the sandstone city ridge which results in the steep gradient towards Digbeth.

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